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TISB Powerpoint SUPER PAC Jan 2012


We are very proud of our TISB record of success the past 3 election cycles. In 2010, 87.5 of the candidates we supported with independent ads WON and in 2008 71% of those candidates we supported with our ads WON.

2010 media impact – 7 wins out of 8 media campaigns
    • Mark Kirk – Senate win in Illinois 
    • Ron Johnson - Senate win in Wisconsin 
    • Paul Gosar – House win in Arizona -1 
    • Steve Southerland - House win in Florida – 2 
    • Randy Hultgren - House win in Illinois – 14 
    • Michelle Bachmann - House win in Minnesota – 6 
    • “Chico” Conseco - House win in Texas - 23 
    • Dino Rossi – narrowly lost the race for senator from Washington State – 
            In the week before the 2010 general election, we concluded this was the tightest of the 
            eight races with TISB media buys. We selected this race as the one to increase our media 
            buy for the weekend before the election.

By thinking and executing like the small business owners we are, we spend your dollars efficiently and effectively.

We are looking forward to playing a crucial role in helping elect a pro-small business majority in the U.S. Senate and House in 2012.

I ask you to take a few minutes and review our short TISB Power Point which explains: 
    Who we are? 
    What we do? 
    Who receives our coveted endorsement? 
    Our Proven Track Record 
    Testimonials from Senators and Congressman who were elected with the help of TISB 
    Why invest with TISB? 
    Our 2012 Objectives

 Link to TISB power point: Click here

     Ed Pinto, Chairman & CEO TISB

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